Keynote Address

David Oshinsky
New York University
Polio: A look back at America's most successful public health crusade

Symposium I − Host response during chronic infections

JoAnne Flynn
University of Pittsburgh
Tracking granulomas to reveal early and late events in tuberculosis

Alan Sher
National Institutes of Health
Regulation of CD4+ T cell effector function in Toxoplasma infection

David Brooks
Princess Margaret Cancer Center, Toronto
Inflammation and immunosuppression in persistent infections

Dorian McGavern
National Institutes of Health
Dynamics of dysfunctional T and B cell responses during persistent viral infection

Symposium II − New vaccine approaches: Targeting old enemies

Marty Moore
Emory University
Fifty-Valent inactivated rhinovirus vaccine

Ralph Baric
University of North Carolina
Dengue virus structure-guided immunogen design

Galit Alter
Massachusetts General Hospital
Systems serology: A new approach for defining vaccine correlates and mechanisms of protection.

James Crowe
Vanderbilt University
Canonical modes of recognition of diverse viruses by human neutralizing antibodies

Symposium III − Immune responses in the lung

Clare Lloyd
Imperial College, London
Living on the edge - Regulation of pulmonary immunity by epithelial cells

Thomas Braciale
University of Virginia
Innate immune control of respiratory virus infection

Nicholas Lukacs
University of Michigan
Alteration of respiratory immune responses by RSV infection

Steve Varga
University of Iowa
Failed memory to respiratory syncytial virus