Workshop Tips

First time presenting your data before an audience? Relax, you're gonna do just fine, provided you follow a few simple guidelines. That's what this page is all about. We know that 10 minutes is a short time to present all you've done in the laboratory. So don't. Use the workshop to present an overview of your findings. The poster session that follows gives plenty of time to delve into the intricacies of your discoveries.

General Information

Authors of all submitted abstracts are requested to present their data orally in a Workshop organized by topic. Only undergraduate attendees may opt out of the oral presentations. Final workshop topics will depend on abstract submissions, and authors cannot be guaranteed of their first choice. Workshops generally contain 10 participants allowing each presenter ample time for both data presentation and discussion. The workshop format utilizes Powerpoint presentations

Effective oral presentations contain the following:

  1. State the question you are asking or what you are investigating.
  2. State your hypothesis.
  3. Present enough background information so all members of the audience can understand the science being presented.
  4. Briefly describe the methods being used.
  5. Clearly present only essential data − your poster will contain the full story.
  6. Present a conclusion.
  7. Tell what your data means in the big scheme of science.
  8. Present future directions.


  • Do rehearse your presentation
  • Do limit your Powerpoint Presentation to no more than 8 slides.
  • Do be concise; you'll have 10 min for your presentation plus 2 min more for discussion
  • Do be on time
  • Do expect that the details of your data will be discussed at your poster presentation

Do Not

  • Don't present your entire poster in the workshop − if they are interested, they will come to your poster session. . .
  • Don't use small text or figures − people at the back of the room want to learn from you, too
  • Don't go over your time limit − there'll be plenty of time at your poster session
  • Don't worry − even if it's your first presentation, you're among friends